DWD Gains Acceptance of the First Digital DCO

DWD gained acceptance of the first digital DCO on 9th May 2019 for the VPI Immingham Open Cycle Gas Turbine (‘OCGT’) Project.

VPI Immingham B Ltd (‘VPIB’) is proposing to build a new gas-fired power station at its site along Rosper Road to the north of Immingham. The VPI Immingham OCGT Project would have a generating capacity of up to 299 megawatts and includes associated development in the form of a new gas supply pipeline, adjacent to its southern boundary. OCGT power stations are extremely flexible, capable of rapid start up, and are therefore able to respond to shortfalls on the grid, usually at times of peak demand.

The Project would produce electricity using natural gas which would be sourced from the existing gas connection at the VPI Immingham Combined Heat and Power (‘CHP’) Plant. The proposed OCGT power station would be located immediately to the north of the VPI Immingham CHP Plant.

For more information please contact Jake Barnes-Gott.