DWD Represents the Applicant at the Tees CCPP Project Examination

The examination into the Tees CCPP Project started on 10 April, with the first Issue Specific Hearing. Jake Barnes-Gott of DWD was in attendance as the planning consultant for the project – representing SembCorp Utilities (UK) Limited (the ‘Applicant’).

The project comprises the construction, operation and maintenance of a new gas-fired power station with an electrical output capacity of up to 1,700 megawatts (‘MW’) at the site of the former Teesside Power Station – part of the Wilton International Site, Teesside. The project qualifies as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (‘NSIP’) for which a Development Consent Order (‘DCO’) application is required under the Planning Act 2008, on the basis that its capacity is above 50MW.

The project represents an important step forward in the future development of the Wilton International Site – one of the UK’s most important manufacturing sites – and would play a significant role in the battle to secure the UK’s energy future.

The plant would supply enough electricity to meet the power needs of up to 1.5 million households or around 5 million people. It would create 60 to 80 permanent new jobs and a further 1,000 construction jobs. In addition, it would require the support of hundreds of people in its supply chain over a lifespan of around 30 years.

DWD will continue to represent the Applicant as lead planning consultant through the examination, having also advised through the pre-application stage.

For more information on the site, see our projects page case study.