DWD Submit Big Yellow Application in Kings Cross

DWD submit planning application for the demolition of the existing buildings and the erection of two independent buildings, including a Big Yellow self-storage facility with flexi-offices and a separate workspace building with ground floor café, at 22-23 Tileyard Road and 196-228 York Way.

The application site comprises three separate parcels of land in Kings Cross, including 22-23 Tileyard Road, 202-228 York Way and 196-200 York Way.

The proposed Big Yellow self-storage facility will comprise a nine-storey building above ground level with a double basement beneath. The front of the self-storage facility faces York Way and accommodates the ancillary office/administration functions and the rear accommodates an enclosed service yard and self-storage floor space on the ground floor and floors above. The flexi-offices will be accommodated within a five-storey wing extending from the self-storage facility to the corner of York Way and Vale Royal.

The proposed workspace building will be located adjacent to the north of the self-storage facility and will comprise a seven-storey building, plus a lower ground and basement level. The building is located on the corner of York Way and Tileyard Road.

The existing buildings are low density and represent an inefficient use of land within a key local employment area. The proposed self-storage facility will enable business located elsewhere in the borough to use the facility for off-site storage, which will help free up valuable commercial space in order to generate extra capacity for jobs and growth across the borough. The provision of flexible office space will help accommodate small business and creative industries in the borough, creating the conditions necessary to stimulate investment, invigorate the local economy and promote sustainable long-term regeneration.

The workspace building will provide flexible floorspace for business uses, with the intention that the workspace will assist to accommodate future growth of Tileyard Studios and it has been designed to bridge the gap between business start-up space and larger floorplates. The proposed café will operate ancillary to the business uses in the Workspace Building.

The proposed development accords with current and emerging planning policy and delivers a number of significant benefits, including a substantial uplift in employment floorspace within a Locally Significant Industrial Location (LSIS), is anticipated to deliver in the region of 1,330-1,670 net additional jobs and is resulting in the redevelopment of an outdated part of the LSIS, which is currently very inefficient in its use of land. In addition to the anticipated direct employment, the warehouse element of the Big Yellow unit also has substantial additional benefits in terms of supporting the growth of small and medium sized businesses. Recent research conducted by Big Yellow anticipates that the warehouse unit of the size proposed would support 695-720 jobs.

The application is currently awaiting validation by the London Borough of Islington.

Please contact Sarah Price or Andrew Deller for more information.

Image source- Page 86 of the DAS, prepared by Mountford Pigott.