DWD Use Newly Adopted NPPF to Overturn Officers Recommendation For Refusal in Westminster

Last night (25th July 2018) DWD attended planning committee at Westminster with a mansard roof application recommended for refusal. Following a lengthy debate, including a discussion on the NPPF adopted that afternoon, the recommendation was overturned and the application was approved subject to a legal agreement.

The terrace of six houses are unlisted buildings of merit in the Pimlico Conservation Area and are identified as being inappropriate for mansard development. DWD highlighted that the newly adopted NPPF encourages upward extensions, in particular  Paragraph 118(e) which focuses on airspace and 123 which focuses on optimal use. Following discussion members took the new policy on board and voted 3:1 to approve the application.

Members acknowledged the development would keep the families within the local area and praised the collective approach from all six neighbours which would maintain the uniform roofline of the terrace.

For further information on this application or on mansard development proposals please contact Barry Murphy or James Smith.